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Ramu. K. Nair

Ayurvedic treatments and massage are fast becoming recognized in the West for their many benefits to yogis and yoginis. No one understands this more than Ramu, who has been practicing the art of Ayurvedic Massage professionally for seven years in South India. He has been living and treating clients from North London for the past five years.

His practical training included study of Panchakarma at the Jayabharath Institute of Panchakarma Therapy and at the Dhanwantari Institute of Ayurveda , Wayanad, Kerala for over 2 years.

In 2006 Ramu trained to teach yoga with Swami Samarpanananda Saraswati of the International Samarpan Yoga Awareness Foundation (in the lineage of the Bihar School of yoga) in the Himalayas.In addition to deepening his own spiritual path, it gave a greater understanding to the needs of his clients and students.

Unique programs have been developed for: yoga practitioners

People suffering from excessive stress

Strong massages : By using deeper pressure to help relax the whole muscular system and stimulate nerves and correct blood circulation. Specially mixed ayurvedic oils with herbs are used for all massages.

Body corrections and stretching massage using the feet . This is a highly specialized massage done with the foot and has its origin in Kalaripayattu, the martial art of Kerala, South India . It increases suppleness of joints, removes pain and stiffness of the joints, relaxes muscles and brings relaxation leading to corrections of the body alignment and is very effective for back problems.

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