for a balanced life

:  Regular practise of yoga will improve your strength, flexibility and fitness as well as help you to lose any surplus weight:  leading to a lightness which will carry you effortlessly towards increased energy and mental clarity.

:  Not only working on what can be seen, yoga postures work on the body’s internal systems such as circulation, digestion, the nervous system and the spine, the glands and organs:  core strength. This promotes harmony to ensure that the body works in balance: 


:  Anyone can participate in yoga classes, young or old, sick or fit, of any faith: all can benefit from this magical practice.

:  This could lead you to explore the deeper metaphysical limbs of yoga, such as breathing and meditation to soothe and calm the mind and in turn, to soften the body.

Learn Postures
:  Standing postures build a stronger body and encourage postural awareness and height.   

:  The ‘salute to the sun’ sequences build stamina warm up the body and burn toxins in the blood.  

:  Balancing postures promote concentration, together with easy and graceful movement.  

:  Twists encourage cleansing and depth taking movement into the organs and the spinal nervous system.

The Breath
Working with the breath, and breath awareness is fundamental to health, not only by stabilising your respiratory system, but improving concentration, eventually learning the more refined techniques of pranayama for specific purposes… (cooling, calming, refreshing, harmonising or energising).

The Ashtanga primary series is a vigorous dynamic form in which postures are linked into set sequences which flow with the breath.

Enjoy the experience of deep relaxation and classical meditation techniques for peace of body, mind and soul

“All things in this world are impermanent.
They have the nature to rise and pass away.
To be in harmony with this truth brings true happiness”

A group session can cost from £10 per person depending on class size. 

One-to-one sessions
cost around £50 with discount for courses.

At clubs and centres prices vary with memberships.